Virtual Incubatees

Virtual incubatees in our centre participate in an incubation program remotely, without physically being present in an incubation center. In other words, our virtual incubatees work with us remotely, utilizing digital tools and resources to connect with mentors, access training and resources, and collaborate with other entrepreneurs.

At our incubation center, virtual incubatees can access a range of resources, including online training modules, webinars, virtual networking events, and access to a virtual community of mentors and peers.  By leveraging digital tools and resources, our virtual incubatees can accelerate their growth, improve their competitiveness, and expand their reach beyond local markets.

Overview of Startups

S.No.Startup NameRegistration NumberDIPP No.Email IDMobile No.
1Ai Nxt Technovations Private LimitedR/STARTUP/UP/LKO/2023/00002825DIPP87418anil.singh@ainxt.tech9967447251
2Skyseed Products Private LimitedR/STARTUP/UP/LKO/2022/00003591DIPP63516gauravshukla@bhadaexpress.com9919804747
3Greenhale Wellness Private LimitedR/STARTUP/UP/LKO/2022/00003793DIPP79966shivendra.gupta55@gmail.com9873411475
4Samocha Ventures Private LimitedR/STARTUP/UP/LKO/2022/
5Solar PV Optimiser Private LimitedR/STARTUP/UP/LKO/2022/
6Rupribha Electricals (OPC) Private LimitedR/STARTUP/UP/LKO/2022/00003776DIPP93215rupribhaelectricals@gmail.com8126300878
7Lefinax Services Private LimitedR/STARTUP/UP/LKO/2023/
8Rockerr Infrasolutions Private LimitedR/STARTUP/UP/LKO/2022/00003842DIPP81639rockerrinfra@gmail.com7060254292
9M Plus Medicos Private LimitedR/STARTUP/UP/LKO/2023/00004210DIPP87994mplusmedicos@gmail.com7017378393
10Ai Nxt Organic Agritech Private LimitedR/STARTUP/UP/LKO/2023/00004953DIPP127466renu.anils812@gmail.com9892739978
11Improvplus Automation Private LimitedR/STARTUP/UP/LKO/2022/00003921DIPP115380iplusautomation2@gmail.com8840202385
12Chick Era Private LimitedR/STARTUP/UP/LKO/2022/
13Quality Decor Dzines Private LimitedR/STARTUP/UP/LKO/2023/00004014DIPP74124vaishali@dedzines.com8800405678

Success Stories of Startups

S.No.Name of StartupSuccess Stories
1Samocha Ventures Private Limited“Very professional team. Fantastic at the clarity of what needs to be done, when, how, and the status of things. That comfort and peace of mind is valuable for a startup. At times, they have gone beyond their call of duty to help and I much appreciate that. Continue the good work, team!”
2Quality Décor Dezines Private Limited“We are incredibly grateful to the team at NSF for their support and guidance. We would not be where we are today without their help, and we would highly recommend their services to any startup looking for support and resources to grow their business. They helped us to connect with Smart city projects and Nagar Palikas to beautify the districts of Uttar Pradesh.”
3Ai Nxt Technovations Private Limited“Our journey truly began when we got incubated with NASSCOM 10,000 Startups Program at an early stage, later we got incubated at NSF Incubator. Here, we received cloud credits to mold our product prototype and we didn’t have to spend until we got some traction. We received a lot of handholding along with industry connects to scale up to a pan India presence.”
4Rupribha Electricals (OPC) Private Limited“Being a part of Navotthan Startup Foundation has been an amazing experience for me. The support and resources provided by the incubation centre team have been instrumental in helping us grow and succeed. The mentorship and guidance we received from the experienced professionals at the incubation centre have been invaluable. They helped us navigate the challenges of starting a new business and provided us with the support we needed to succeed.”
5Skyseed Products Private Limited“We are extremely fortunate to be part of the NSF family. We have received innumerable assistance from the team to grow at speed, and a lot of intangible help received from them. Looking forward to your continuous support and guidance, in this journey together.”
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