Physical Incubatees

Physical incubatees in our incubation center have been accepted into the physical incubation program and are based at the physical location of the center. These incubatees have access to a range of resources, support, and services provided by the incubation center to help them grow and succeed.

Physical incubatees typically receive a range of benefits, including office space, access to shared facilities such as meeting rooms, Wi-Fi, printing and scanning services, and other office amenities. They also have access to specialized resources, such as legal advice, accounting services, marketing and branding support, and technical expertise, to help them overcome common challenges and barriers to success.

Overview of Startups

S.NoStartup NameRegistration NumberDIPP No.Email IDMobile No.
1Robochums Private LimitedR/STARTUP/UP/LKO/2022/00003863DIPP114369vaibhavraja104@gmail.com9026100502
2Eldorado Oils Private LimitedR/STARTUP/UP/LKO/2022/00003563
3Leicht LED Private LimitedR/STARTUP/UP/LKO/2019/0000298DIPP4775leichtledindia@gmail.com7007787875

Success Stories of Startups

S.NoName of StartupSuccess Stories
1Leicht LED Private Limited"Wonderful access to funding opportunities and networking events was provided by NSF incubation centre in UPGIS 2023 and 8th Smart Cities Expo 2023 to us, has been incredibly beneficial. We were able to connect with investors and other startups in our industry, which helped us to grow our network and secure the funding we needed to take our business to the next level.

Overall, collaboration with Nagar Palika and Gram Panchayat of Kannauj district has provided us with access to essential resources, expertise, and networks that can helped to scale up our business. It is an excellent experience for us to establish as key players in the local ecosystem and contribute to the development of our communities.”
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